Sixth Form Admissions - For entry in September 2020

Whatever institution students choose for Sixth Form study, it is imperative they choose one that is right for them; few, if any, establishments are right for everybody.

The individual is the focus of all the school's activities. The highest standards of conduct, courtesy and consideration for others, appearance, industry and academic achievement are striven for, with an ideal of mutually respectful relationships amongst all members of the school community. Initiative is both demonstrated and encouraged by a committed staff, who give much to the students, and ask much of them. Teachers here teach about something about which they are passionate and this helps inspire a love of learning.

Here are some comments from our current Student Leadership Team:

Jannah Anwar- Head Girl
Langley Grammar School is a collective body of hardworking and passionate individuals, staff and students alike, who all serve to make school truly the best place to be. Whether it’s the drive early on to get achievement points for your own personal goals, competing in house events or performing at the range of evenings to showcase your talent - musical, academic, sporty (you name it!), our school thrives on developing well rounded and ambitious individuals who love to learn. Being able to use iPads not only allows us to adapt to the ever-changing world of work, but always leave us with something new to bring to the table

Haziq Ibrahim- Head Boy
Langley Grammar has provided me with a friendly, challenging and motivating environment with something new to learn each day. From sports to academics, this school has allowed to me to reach my potential as a human being, let alone as a student. The school has provided me with countless opportunities to allow me to express interests, talents and hobbies to a greater level. What makes this school unique, is the attentive and dedicated support from the teachers. In times of need, their wisdom and positive attitude always provides a solution.

Hana Ibrahim- Deputy Head Girl
Langley Grammar School maintains a competitive and professional environment, ensuring all students have support and access to opportunities throughout their time at the school. The atmosphere created allows for individuality and the chance to work towards a desired career goal, with well informed staff constantly sharing advice on how to excel. Although academia is highly regarded, Langley Grammar ensures that all students are well rounded. Enrichment sessions are timetabled in the Sixth Form, increasing the sense of appreciation for the wider world. The Sixth Form has helped me to develop different qualities, including creativity, resilience and independence, which I am sure will help me in the future world of work.

Faheem Anwar- Deputy Head Boy
Langley Grammar School is first and foremost, a learning environment. However, this learning has never been restricted to what one would deem ‘traditional’ education, but instead involves growth in all aspects of one as a person. For me, this school has allowed me to reflect on the achievements (and failures) of my past, while still help prepare me to enter the beginning of the rest of my life. A school so diverse in its students and staff has yielded hundreds of different perspectives, all whilst promoting tolerance and discussion to enable me to become a grateful and determined young adult.

General Entry Requirements

Access to our Sixth Form will be available to students who have a minimum average GCSE points score of 5.5 across all their GCSE subjects taken including a Grade 5 or above in English and Mathematics.

Calculation of GCSE average points scores

a) Add up the points for each GCSE or equivalent and divide by the number of qualifications taken. You will have taken the new reformed GCSE courses in most of your subjects. GCSE Design and Technology subjects and Business Studies are unreformed and the points relevant to both reformed and unreformed qualifications are detailed in the table below:

Reformed coursesPoints987 65432
Unreformed coursesGradeA*A BCDEFG
Points8.575.543 21.51

b)Only include subjects for which you were prepared by your school and where the examinations were taken at your school. Do not include any subjects for which you studied outside school or took the examinations at a centre other than your school. (Please see our Sixth Form Information Booklet on the main school website for more information).

Please refer to the Course Guide 2020 on the main school website for individual subject specific entry criteria

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