Sixth Form Admissions - For entry in September 2021

Whatever institution students choose for Sixth Form study, it is imperative they choose one that is right for them; few, if any, establishments are right for everybody.

The individual is the focus of all the school's activities. The highest standards of conduct, courtesy and consideration for others, appearance, industry and academic achievement are striven for, with an ideal of mutually respectful relationships amongst all members of the school community. Initiative is both demonstrated and encouraged by a committed staff, who give much to the students, and ask much of them. Teachers here teach about something about which they are passionate and this helps inspire a love of learning.

Here are some comments from our current Student Leadership Team:

Carolyn Ashmeade Carty - Head Girl
Langley Grammar School is a supportive and collaborative community, encompassing students who share a diverse set of skills and talent, all of which complement each other to create a thriving atmosphere. I have been provided with many opportunities, from being a member of the Netball, Basketball, Athletics, and Rounders team, taking part in House competitions and undertaking roles of responsibility. Langley takes a holistic approach to learning, continuously reminding us that learning is not restricted to a classroom. With this being a core belief, we are always encouraged to venture beyond our limits and strive to do our absolute best.

Naman Soni - Head Boy
My core beliefs reside in the quote ‘There is no short-cut to success’. This therefore shapes my key characteristics of determination, diligence, and ambitious confidence. Langley Grammar has provided a diverse and immersive range of opportunities from sport and various art forms, to leadership and personal development, both of which are key to developing as not only an academically successful student, but a versatile enthusiast too. Personally, the best advice I have been given is “Think big; Don’t be afraid to be bold”, simply due to the importance of believing in your own potential and unleashing it to its finest.

Sneha Kaluvakollu - Deputy Head Girl
Langley Grammar School is a place to learn, inspire, prosper, and enjoy. At LGS, it is emphasised that the institution is much more than simply a learning environment. We are offered countless opportunities to thrive in skills like leadership, communication, and perseverance, to allow us to develop into the best person we can be. Whether your interests be academic, creative, or athletic, you are presented with different occasions where you can showcase that talent and thrive. I am incredibly grateful to LGS for providing me with an environment where I can reach my full potential as an individual.

Navin Vithana - Deputy Head Boy
Langley Grammar School provides the unique environment for students and staff to benefit from each other, to develop confident and well-rounded individuals. From sport, to music, to academics; students at Langley Grammar thrive in all aspects of education, making us more than just a walking set of exam certificates. We can pursue our hobbies and showcase our talents, so that we can aspire to have any career we want. Langley Grammar is notorious for producing high achieving pupils, and has gifted me with the courage, responsibility, and independence that allows me to be the successful student that I am.

General Entry Requirements

Access to our Sixth Form will be available to students who have a minimum average GCSE points score of 5.5 across all their GCSE subjects taken including a Grade 5 or above in English and Mathematics.

Calculation of GCSE average points scores

a) Add up the points for each GCSE or equivalent and divide by the number of qualifications taken. You will have taken the new reformed GCSE courses in most of your subjects. GCSE Design and Technology subjects and Business Studies are unreformed and the points relevant to both reformed and unreformed qualifications are detailed in the table below:

Reformed coursesPoints987 65432
Unreformed coursesGradeA*A BCDEFG
Points8.575.543 21.51

b)Only include subjects for which you were prepared by your school and where the examinations were taken at your school. Do not include any subjects for which you studied outside school or took the examinations at a centre other than your school. (Please see our Sixth Form Information Booklet on the main school website for more information).

Please refer to the Course Guide 2021 on the main school website for individual subject specific entry criteria

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